Tryouts 2017-2018

Pennsbury Softball is pleased to announce our teams and tryout dates/times for the upcoming season.

Download the Gems tryout registration form here.

Why Pennsbury Gems Softball?
We believe in developing student athletes that will play the game right on the field and use those lessons to make a difference off the field. Our forty five year tradition of excellence in fastpitch is unparalleled. Join us for an unforgettable experience whether in preparation for a collegiate showcase event or a year of dedicated fun and development in this great sport.

18U Gems Gold
National Showcase Team:  Venella/Ford
• Sunday August 6th, 9AM – 1PM

18U Gems Black

A-Level Travel Team: Defebo
Sunday August 6th, 2PM – 6PM
• Saturday August 12th, 9AM – 1PM

16U Gems Futures

A/B Elite Travel Team: Ehrenfeld/Love/Hodge
• Sunday August 6th, 9AM – 1PM
• Saturday August 12th, 2PM – 5PM

14U Gems Elite

A/B-Level Travel Team: Mahony
• Tuesday July 18th & Thursday July 20th, 6-8PM
Sunday July 23rd, 9AM – 12PM (CANCELLED)
• Saturday August 5th, 1PM – 4PM

14U Gems Xtreme
B/C-Level Travel Team: Evans
• Saturday August 5th, 9AM-12PM
• Saturday August 12th, 2PM-5PM
• Sunday August 13th, 9AM – 1PM (Rain Date, and/or if needed)

12U Gems

B-Level Travel Team: Storlazzi/Evanchik
• Saturday August 5th, 9AM – 12PM
• Sunday August 12th, 9AM–1PM
• Sunday August 13th, 1PM-4PM (Rain Date, and/or if needed)

12U Gems Xtreme

B/C Level Travel Team: Spillane/Padula/Riley
• Saturday August 5th, 1PM – 4PM
• Sunday August 13th, 9AM – 12PM
• (Rain Date, if needed, TBD)

10U Gems

B/C Level Travel Team: St.Pierre/Menendez/Foster
• Saturday August 5th, 9AM – 12PM
• Saturday August 12h, 1PM-4PM
• Sunday August 13th, 1PM-4PM (Rain Date, and/or if needed)

Additional dates by appointment on August 9th, 14th, 15th, and 16th in evenings.
All tryouts are at our multiple-field Fred Allan Softball Complex in Yardley, PA.
Contact with any questions.

The tryout process in amateur youth sports creates both excitement and anxiety among players, parents, and coaches. Yet, the assessment process is a necessary part of evaluating potential rosters. Pennsbury Softball endeavors to provide a level-field emphasizing not only equality and impartiality of the experience, but an honest attempt at understanding the expectations for skills at certain ages and communicating with those who exceed the expectations as well as those that fall short. Often employing nationally accepted guidelines at our tryouts, we seek to cull those that are passionate and committed to the sport – to be able to provide them with exceptional softball experiences.

The tryout process involves parent interaction as well. Often an outside-the-fence coach or organizational representative is available to help answer questions to nervous parents about the process. Evaluators look not only at athletic skill level, but at on-the-field potential, coach-ability of the player, verbal communication skills of the player, and often times – academic achievement.

Be aware that, especially at the higher skilled teams, that the coaches seek balance of roster as well as the best athletes. This means that though several pitchers may be at a tryout – they also need catchers, infielders, outfields, and speed on the bases and power and control at the plate. As such, it’s often an apples and oranges situation – your daughter may be one of the best oranges – but the roster really needs an apple.

Travel/Club Program, Gems Tryouts: Social media, on-line softball forums, and other means are used to promote the August tryouts held at our Fred Allan Complex. Coaches/Managers are often assisted by professional skill coaches in evaluating and selecting each team’s roster. Player GPA and other academic and community service credentials may be requested. A Letter of Commitment, Code of Conduct, and other forms are required at the tryout. Only in select situations will the organization grant individual workouts or one-on-one tryouts.

Tournament Program, Gems (Babe Ruth Xtreme) Tryouts: There are tryouts every August for these “next-level” teams. Pennsbury Softball management and outside instructors assist with tryouts and player evaluation/selection. At Pennsbury, our Gems Black (Xtreme) teams also represent our organization and league as our Babe Ruth District Team that might play locally and regionally. These might be considered developmental teams striving towards the full travel club model.

In-House Program Tryouts: There are no tryouts for our in-house teams, but a plan is in place to expand a Developmental Team (probably at the 12U level) with tryouts before rosters are set so that players that desire to improve and play at a more competitive level have that chance.

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The Pennsbury Gems hold Open Tryouts the first two weekends of August.

We field competition appropriate teams in age groups 10U through 18U.

Currently we have 13 teams and all players are expected to tryout and earn their spot.

Pennsbury Softball Tryout Tune-Up

This annual summer camp happens the last weekend of July to get the player ready for the August Tryouts.

All are welcome no matter who you play for in the upcoming season.


Tryout Tune-Up Gallery

Pennsbury Softball Tryout Tune-Up
Pennsbury Softball Tryout Tune-Up
Pennsbury Softball Tryout Tune-Up
Pennsbury Softball Tryout Tune-Up
Pennsbury Softball Tryout Tune-Up
Pennsbury Softball Tryout Tune-Up
Pennsbury Softball Tryout Tune-Up
Pennsbury Softball Tryout Tune-Up